Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My family, my life

Sometimes it would seem once we a become stay at home mom, we as individuals cease to exist. Why does this happen? I think part of it (an only part of it) is due to our nurturing nature as females. The rest is the kids simply sucking the life from you!! Well, I am only half-way joking. When you have 3 kids and each with their own demands coming at you at the same time, not to mention your husband/significant other arrives home from their day, you are immersed in their needs wants and desires. You don't have a moment to think of your own let alone make some attempt to see it through. .

By the time you have run the errands, gone shopping (and not the fun kind)picked up the kids from school or from their friends house, helped with the homework, picked up the house, washed some laundry, refereed some arguments between the kids,and then your husband arrives home from his day..and of course dinner still needs to be made. Oh crap! I forgot to take anything from the freezer, so it's scrambled eggs and toast, bacon if they are lucky. Then berate them into the showers and pajamas, stand over them as they brush teeth (5 seconds is not long enough!) and if you're really on your game have them little critters in bed before 10pm, that's a good day. After all this I can't seem to carve a little time out for me. I am simply too damn tired Oh, to read uninterrupted or watch something besides Sponge Bob or "American Idol" or the like. Someday, someday. That's what I keep telling myself anyway!

Realistically, I know that my little critters will one day be gone (one can only wish!) and I will be ......... I will be what? A mother that is no longer needed on a daily basis. My husband will not be retired yet so no one I can travel freely with. These thoughts leaves me with only one conclusion, I need to either get busy doing something now, or I will simply go crazy! \What a wide open opportunity.  Can't wait to see what I do with it.! 

Where did 2010 go?

You must have noticed that my blog is running a bit behind, (my friends say I always do). Other than being disorganzied and frenzied I have no other excuses to offer.  Rather that try to fill in everything i will submit a summary of the previous year to present date.  I request you indulge me by affording me a bit more time to complete my titalating update and post my blog post haste. 

Friday, November 13, 2009

Almost Thanksgiving.......

Well....it's almost Thanksgiving which means SCHOOL VACATION!! I will be off chauffeur duties for 5 days!!! Whooooo Hooo!!!! The kids will be able to sleep in (as will I). I love school vacations. Can you tell!

Thanksgiving will be held at my house with my family this year. mmmmmm Turkey, stuffing, mashed taters and family. I enjoy it. Now if only I can keep my house tidy so it won't be so much work at the last minute......one can hope!

Pacey is sick the last two days. Poor guy. That being said, hope no one else gets his sickness! Just a sore throat and fever. No symptoms of the pig flu.....yet!

When will the laundry faires make it to my house? I keep waiting but the piles keep growing taller! I hate the white load....too many socks. And of course there are more mis-matched socks that those that make a pair (thanks to the little boys in my house who could care less if their socks matched!). Ian leaves me notes on the counter requesting a load of jeans be done. He must have forgotten he knows how to do a load of wash. Silly boy! Now when it comes to sorting the colors, poor guy, he can't do it....he's color blind. Pink looks white to him. Can you imagine what our laundry would look like if left to him?????? AAAAhhhhhh. So Pacey must be trained in the ways of laundry sorting. He's really looking forward to that I am sure!
My wonderful husband is off for the day and has brought me lunch...so I will be done blogging for now to go eat.

Happy almost holidays.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Seven weeks of school

This picture is of Chris & I on our 11th wedding anniversary. We were at The Crows Nest in Santa Cruz. What fun we had. Can't you just tell by the expressions on our faces???? It was a good and relaxing weekend. We all need more of those types

But all good things must come to an end....SCHOOL STARTED!!!

We went camping for Labor day weekend. Here is a pic of Pacey and his cousin Curtis while fishing. Chris caught one, no one else did. He also had to put it back due to it's small size! But at least he got to enjoy something he hardly gets to do.

I have been counting the weeks since school started so I know there is an end in sight. I want summer vacation!! But I will accept any vacation that may come our way. Ian is doing great, straight A's on his first progress report. He was thrilled. Seventh grade is showing him what homework is really like...and he isnt' impressed. Pacey is actually trying to do his daily reading. He has figured out if he wants to play Xbox, ALL his homework must be done.

Chris is working too hard, but I have actually seen him sit on the couch for more than 10 minutes to watch the NASCAR races on the weekend. Good for him. Me, I am just plugging along. Looking for a way to make some money but not have work interfere with the boys school schedule. Not all that easy to find a job with such flexibility. Or maybe I really don't want to "go to work" I would rather do some work on Chris' websites to help increase the income that is already there. That would be nice if it started making enough so Chris could become a consultant and not a full time employee to someone else.

And so continues the fun and mayhem in our lives. If you like to know what's going on with our lives. keep checking back for updates.

Kay McGarry